Saturday, September 07, 2013

New Mixture of Books!!!

Dino Destruction- The Scooby gang is taking a vacation from mystery in sunny Costa Rica. Until they visit the Natural History Museum-- and a dinosaur projection springs to life! Now it's up to Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby-Doo to dig for clues. Can they discover who's behind all the dino destruction?


Pirates vs. Cowboys- A scurvy pirate crew, led by Burnt Beard, finds trouble when they try to hide their treasure in Old Cheyenne and have some miscommunication with Black Bob McKraw and his posse.

A New Friend- Eleanor's boring summer vacation turns exciting when a magical pony from another world arrives and enlists her help in locating his runaway twin sister.

A Special Wish- The same day Marcie learns that she will have to wait longer for the pony she yearns for, she meets Comet, a magical pony who needs her help to find his twin sister. 

Chocolate Wishes- After a lonely first day of school Dawn Kenton, unhappy with her family's recent move and having to leave her dog behind, is surprised to meet Arrow, a magical rabbit from Moonglow Meadow, who needs her help.

Vacation Dreams- Becky's vacation isn't at all what she expected, and she is feeling lonely. But when she meets magical bunny Arrow, her summer starts looking up.


A Splash of Magic- On a trip to the seaside, Charlotte learns a lesson about friendship and meets a magical rabbit.

Boys of Steel: The Creator of Superman- Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster, two misfit teens in Cleveland, were more like Clark Kent than Superman. Both boys escaped into the worlds of science fiction and pulp magazine tales. In 1934, they created the superhero, but it was four years before they convinced a publisher to take a chance on their Man of Steel in a new format--the comic book.

National Geographic: Everything Battles- Captures all of the action and valor of the battlefield, as well as the trappings that go with it. Kids will browse eye-popping photographs and illustrations as they peruse fascinating facts and information about armor, weapon, uniforms, technology, military jets, battleships, military technology, top secret intelligence, and more. Topics include five ultimate battles, the greatest commanders of all time, and an entirely interactive chapter, in which kids will decipher a secret code, develop their own battlefield strategy, and more.

The Sleepwalkers- The retiring Sleepwalkers, guardians against nightmares, train three intrepid recruits to take their places, an effort that pits the young heroes against daunting dream hazards.

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