Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Books With CD's!!

Mr. Docker Is Off His Rocker- Mr. Docker, a new science teacher, is a crazy inventor who blows things up, uses potatoes for power, and has A.J. and his friends wondering whether science is for nerds or is the coolest subject ever.

Good Luck Anna Hibiscus!- Anna Hibiscus lives in Africa. Amazing Africa. She can't wait to fly across the world and visit her granny in Canada. But can she find enough warm clothes for the cold winter weather? And will her family miss her?

George Brown Class Clown: Help! I'm Stuck in a Giant Nostril!- George's fourth-grade field trip to the science museum is ruined by one magic burp after another, causing him to wreak havoc on the exhibits and lose a bet to a classmate. 
Fine Feathered Friends- When spring arrives, Mole and Mouse find a unique way to bird watch.
Horrible Harry and the Stolen Cookie- Harry considers stealing from Room 3B's Sharing and Caring Tag Sale in order to help out with money problems at home.

Jimmy The Greatest- Inspired by Muhammad Ali, Jimmy starts training to become a boxer, and while his future looks bright, he decides leaving his small town for big matches might not be the best option for him.
Otis and the Puppy- When a puppy gets lost while playing hide and seek on the farm, Otis the friendly little tractor must face his fear of the darkness in order to help his new friend.

Water Sings Blue Ocean Poems- Come down to the shore with this rich and vivid celebration of the ocean! With moving poems by Kate Coombs, this collection of poems evokes the beauty and power, the depth and mystery, and the endless resonance of the sea.
Froggy's Worst Play Date- None of Froggy's friends are home one Saturday, but that does not mean he wants to go on a movie playdate with Frogilina.

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