Friday, March 22, 2013

New Books to the library!!

 One of our Toddlers had his birthday guests bring books to give to the library instead of gifts!  Thank you Graeme!
Bubble Gum Bubble Gum -After a variety of animals get stuck one by one in bubble gum melting in the road, they must survive encounters with a big blue truck and a burly black bear .

  Chu's Day - "Chu is a little panda with a big sneeze. When Chu sneezes, bad things happen. Will Chu sneeze today?

 Little Quack's New Friend - When a frog invites five ducklings to play, four refuse because he is too little and green, but Little Quack has so much fun with his new friend that the other ducklings soon join in.

 Are You My Mother? - A newly hatched bird goes looking for its mother. On board pages.
 Animalia - An alphabet book with fantastic and detailed pictures, bearing such labels as "Lazy lions lounging in the local library."
 Llama Llama Nighty-Night- A young llama follows the same bedtime routine every night.
 Builder Goose -Nursery rhymes are refashioned to feature construction projects.
 Before I go to Sleep - At bedtime, a child dreams of saying goodnight to the world.
 Sofia the First - Meet Sofia, a little girl who lives a rather ordinary life. But everything changes when her mother, Miranda, marries the king. Overnight, Sofia becomes a princess, moves into the castle, gains a step-brother, a step-sister... and the ability to talk to her new animal friends thanks to a magical amulet! Now, life is anything but ordinary for Sofia the First!  
 This Litte Piggy - Presents a collection of well-known action rhymes, including "Pat-a-Cake," "Trot, Trot to Boston," and "Where is Thumbkin?". On board pages.
 The Special Blankie - While Little Hedgehog babysits his cousin, with help from his forest friends, Baby's favorite blanket brings them some misadventures but later saves the day. Blanket appears as flocked patches on the pages. 
 All Through My Town- Illustrations and simple, rhyming text take the reader on a tour around town.
Little Bo Peep Can't Get to Sleep -An original nursery rhyme that relates how worried Little Bo Peep is about her lost sheep and whether she should tell her parents the sheep are gone, as well as which familiar characters she went to for help.  

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