Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Books!!

Over the River: A Turkey's Tale- Presents the words to the popular Thanksgiving song, with illustrations of a turkey family going to Grandma and Grandpa Turkey's house, pursued by a boy and a dog who are hunting for Thanksgiving dinner.

The Grand Canyon Burros That Broke- Edward "Egg" Garrison and his friends in the Art Club are on a trip to the Grand Canyon when three riding burros mysteriously disappear.

The Ghost Who Haunted the Capitol- In Washington, D.C., on a field trip, "Egg" Garrison and his friends solve a haunting mystery.

The Mount Rushmore Face That Couldn't See- When Catalina "Cat" Duran and her friends in the History Club arrive at Mount Rushmore on a school trip they find that someone is playing dangerous tricks and trying to drive people away from the park.

 Picture Books
Zoo Ah-Choooo- On a sleepy Sunday at the zoo, all the animals suddenly begin to sneeze.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Millie!- Students surprise their beloved but silly teacher with a birthday party, giving her ample opportunity to make them laugh by mixing up her words.

Elmer and Super El- Elmer the patchwork elephant distracts his animal friends from noticing Super El's torn costume until he can escort him to Aunt Zelda who mends Super El's clothes.

Don't Be Silly, Mrs. Millie!- A teacher makes her students laugh when she mixes up words, saying "goats" instead of "coats" and "poodles" when she means "puddles."

Alphabet Mystery- Little x is missing from Charley's Alphabet, and the other lowercase letters go off to solve the mystery of his disappearance, learning in the end how valuable a little x can be.

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