Saturday, November 17, 2012

Even More New Exciting Books!

 New Beginner Book!
Barbie: I Can Be A Vet- Barbie pursues work as a veterinarian as she helps the vet care for a series of animals.

New Fiction Books!
Wings Of Fear- Sightings of something strange soaring through the skies over London send the RBI on a mission to England's capital city. Soon the agents find themselves caught up in high-speed car chases, gliding high above the River Thames, and tackling a gang of jewel thieves as they try to track down the mysterious flying creature.

Sub-Zero Survival- The RBI team begin to link together the hidden clues that they have found on their last few missions, and the results point them toward Antarctica and an ancient ice station. However, terrible blizzards, floating pack ice, and a creature that swims with the seals make their hunt for a lost artifact anything but easy!

June Jam- As a Father's Day gift to the twins' Dad, Bradley, Brian, and their cousins Lucy and Nate try to identify and stop whatever creature is biting fruits and vegetables in the garden. 

May Magic- Bradley and Brian need help from Nate and Lucy after a hypnotist turns their mother into a duck but does not quite get her changed back.

July Jitters- Bradley, Brian, Nate, and Lucy enter Polly the pony and Pal the dog in a July 4th pet costume contest, but when Independence Day arrives the animals are nowhere to be found. 

August Acrobat- Bradley, Brian, Nate, and Lucy try to help out the Flying Fortunatos, an acrobatic troupe with a very shabby traveling circus, by identifying the marvelous, hooded trapeze artist they spied rehearsing.

Barbie in A Mermaid Tale- Merliah discovers she is a mermaid princess and must go to Oceana to rescue her mother from the evil Eris.

Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale- Barbie loves fashion! But she will need a little bit of magic to save her aunt's design studio.    

Bushfire- While on an early morning walk, Bindi and her friend Rosie see the smoke from a terrible bushfire. They rush to the Australian Wildlife Hospital to help care for the animals that were trapped in the fire.

Rescue- Bindi and Hannah try to save the antelope but get caught spying.

Camouflage- Bindi and her family are visiting Singapore for the opening of a new reptile park. ... But when a rare Komodo dragon is missing, Bindi and her brother Robert have to blend into their surroundings to find her.

Trouble At the Zoo- Bindi has her birthday party at the zoo, but after one of her guests decides to take home one of the zoo's water dragons, it is up to her, her brother, and a green macaw to find the water dragon before it is too late.

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