Wednesday, October 03, 2012

New Non-Fiction!!

Submarines- Some submarines are over 550 feet long and can dive 1,600 feet deep. The biggest submarine in the world can carry up to 160 crew members and stay underwater for 180 days. Stunning photographs accompany intriguing facts, allowing readers to see these remarkable boats up close-including their giant propellers and their nuclear engines.

Jumbo Jets- The biggest passenger plane in the world can carry more than 800 people and the biggest cargo plane in the world looks like a beluga whale. Readers will learn these fun facts about jumbo jets, and others, as they delve into this book about large, powerful machines. The informative text is paired with stunning photographs of jumbo jets, inside and out-engaging even the most reluctant of readers.

Earthmovers- This includes vehicles such as bulldozers, wheel loaders, and dump trucks!

Aircraft Carriers- Aircraft carriers can carry hundreds of jets and thousands of soldiers at a time, and travel all the way around the world. An aircraft carrier is a ship that is as long as a skyscraper is tall, and is often referred to as a "city at sea". Inside this book, informative text and vivid photographs take readers on an exciting tour of these awesome monster machines-from the control tower down to the nuclear engine room.

The Big Dinosaur Dig- Discusses the work of paleontologists searching in the Sahara desert for dinosaur fossils. 

Dinosaur's Day- A gentle Triceratops forgets to stay with the herd and has to use his sharp horns to fight a Tyrannosaurus.

Eruption!: The Story of Volcanoes- Explains how volcanoes form and how volcanic eruptions occur, and describes the effect of different kinds of eruptions on people and the environment. 

Rockets and Spaceships- Describes how space shuttles, probes, satellites, the Hubble space telescope, and space stations allow astronauts to explore the moon and planets.

Spacebusters: The Race to The Moon- In 1961 the President of the United States made a pledge that America would send a man to the Moon before the end of the 1960s. Here is the story of the final stage of that race against time.

Pocahontas- Examines the life of the Indian princess Pocahontas and her contact with English settlers, especially John Smith.     

Volcanoes- In graphic novel format, text and illustrations explain how volcanoes erupt, how they are studied, and how to stay safe during an eruption.

Bugs Bugs Bugs!- Describes the hunting activities of various bugs, including the praying mantis, wood ant, and dragonfly.

Arctic Tern Migration- Explains how Arctic terns live; discusses their migration, its purpose, and its route; and lists threats Arctic terns may face on their migration.

Wash and Clean- Invites young readers to learn healthy habits by discovering the similarities and differences between humans and animals.

Sunrise Hill- When a small town's newly built church burns down right before Easter, Caleb's uncle, the preacher who helped build the church, becomes depressed, but Caleb shows him that the true meaning of Easter does not depend on a building.    

Isis and Osiris- Isis and Osiris have never trusted their brother, Set. When Set hosts a huge banquet for Osiris, Isis is worried. Osiris falls for Set's trickery and is separated from his beloved Isis. Will Isis be able to save Osiris?

Bill The Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman- Recounts the life of the unrecognized co-creator of the Batman comic strip and details the author's quest to find out more about him.

Island: A Story of the Galapagos- An island is about to be born- one that in time will become the home of plants and animals that exist nowhere else on Earth. This book is the biography of a Galápagos island- from birth, through adolescence, to adulthood, and beyond.

The Boston Tea Party- Tells the story of the Boston Tea Party of 1773 from the arrival of the ships full of controversial taxed tea in Boston Harbor, through the explosive protest meetings at the Old South Church, to the defiant act of dumping 226 chests of fine tea into the harbor on December 16.

The House That George Built- Shares the story of how George Washington had a home built for the future presidents. 

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