Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Juvenile Fiction for the summer!

Nancy Drew- Buggy Breakout - Bug mania has hit River Heights Elementary! After Nancy and her classmates return from a field trip to the River Heights Insectarium, ... someone steals a Bug Club member's valuable beetle. Can Nancy and the Clue Crew find her before she's ensnared in some evil web.

Camp Creepy - Nancy and her classmates build a model pueblo house to win a contest, but when they find their model has been sabotaged, they suspect they have angered the Taos Indian spirits by building the model.

Designed for Disaster - Nancy Drew and her classmates have the chance to submit their own fashion designs to a big-time competition, and the chance to model their designs in a fashion show. On a team with her best friends, George and Bess, Nancy comes up with some original clothing ideas and her team wins. But someone keeps trying to ruin the contest by stealing designs, hiding sample pieces, and tripping up the models. Can the clue crew find the culprit before the River Heights fashion show is cancelled?

Time Thief - Nancy and her friends watch the principal dig up the school's time capsule, buried over thirty years ago, but when an important vintage doll is discovered missing from the capsule, the Clue Crew is called in to investigate. 

Cat Burglar Caper -Pete's Pets has adorable new kittens in the shop, but are they stolen and is Nancy Drew's archenemy Deidre Shannon involved? Nancy and her friends investigate when kittens go missing from the River Heights Animal Shelter.     

Motorbike Bob - Trump the dog is the Animal Liaison Officer at Pet Vet Clinic. He helps sick animals. When Motorbike Bob gets into trouble, it's pet vet to the rescue

I Survived the Bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941 -Sand flew up into Danny's eyes. And then from behind him, a huge explosion seemed to shatter the world. The force lifted Danny off his feet and threw him onto the ground. And then Danny couldn't hear anything at all.     

A Very Crazy Chirstmas -Freddy is excited to hear that his cousins, twin sisters Kelly and Kasey, will be visiting for Christmas, even if the twins always find a way of getting Freddy into trouble.     

Curiosity Killed the Cat - Hannah isn't thrilled to be moving in with her dad and his new family, who live in a house this close to a spooky cemetery. Luckily, Hannah doesn't believe all the "ghost cat" stories she's heard about the graveyard. Besides, Hannah has bigger worries: her stepsister, Madison, is a total mean girl. Hanah's cat, Icky, has been missing since the move. And worst of all, every night something scratches at her door, but when she looks, nothing is there! Hanah's starting to wonder-- could those scary stories be true after all?

At First Bite - Twelve-year-old vampire Ashlee Lambert moves from New York to sunny Los Angeles, where she must deal with vicious cliques, awful sunburns, and a mystery of disappearing classmates that Ashlee must solve.

The Python Problem - Trump, the dog, helps Dr. Jeanie with sick animals at the Pet Vet Clinic. Diamond, the python escapes from a moving van and causes a panic throughout the town.     

Shark Attack! - Freddy's dream has come true: he's about to be face-to-face with a real live shark! His first-grade class is taking a field trip to the aquarium today, and Freddy can't wait. He'll get to see fish and rays and moon jellies and -- his favorite! -- sharks! The aquarium even has a Shark Quiz. If he can answer all the questions correctly, Freddy will win a prize for his shark knowledge! But wait -- where is Freddy's lucky shark tooth? He can't pass the quiz without it!     

Miss Child has Gone Wild! A.J. and his fellow third-graders from Ella Mentry School, including new student Alexia, go on a field trip to the zoo, where they meet a very strange zookeeper.     

 Mr. Harrison is Embarrassin! -When the power goes out in the school, everyone panics in the dark, and only nerdy Mr. Harrison, who can fix and build anything, can save the day.

The New Year Dragon Dilemma - Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are enjoying a visit to San Francisco when Holden, their college-age tour guide, is accused of abducting Miss Chinatown from the Chinese New Year parade and stealing her valuable crown.
The Chestnut King - Twelve-year-old Henry York, finally reunited with his family, works with them and the Chestnut King, the long-deposed and mythic leader of the faeren people, to destroy Nimiane and her forces of evil.

Sir Balin the Ill-Fated - After receiving an ominous prophecy at his christening, Sir Balin lives his life alternately trying to fulfill it and trying to avoid it.     

Bramble and Maggie - Bramble the horse gets bored giving riding lessons, but regains her enthusiasm when she goes to live with a girl named Maggie.

Earthling ! - When Bud gets on the wrong school bus he finds himself at Cosmos Academy on another planet, where Earthlings are considered extremely dangerous--can he conceal his identity as a native of Earth and still manage to find his way home?

Applewhites at Whit's End - Great changes are in store for the highly creative and somewhat eccentric Applewhite family when money problems force them to open a summer camp for gifted children, who almost immediately begin to rebel, while a mysterious interloper watches from the woods.

The Secret Tree -After sixth grader Minty discovers a secret tree with a hollow trunk that holds the secrets of everyone in the neighborhood, Raymond, a new boy drawn to the tree and Minty start watching their neighbors.

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