Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Non-Fiction

All About Drawing Dinosaurs - Learn to draw over 40 fantastic animals step by step.

 Monster Trucks -The bestselling team behind "Choppers!" and "Motorcycles!" show readers how monster trucks came to be, how they work, and some of the exciting tricks that only monster trucks can do.

 Whales -Each book in this innovative series combines a fun story with simple phonics games. The games are quick and easy to play--and are designed to help children read the story and improve their reading skills. The result is faster reading development and kids who love to read!

Baby Tiger Wants to Explore -Simple text and full-color photographs describe baby tigers, and throughout the story, special "Fact Stops" offer interesting information about tigers and their natural habitats.

Little Kitten Wants a Friend -Join a baby kitten as she tries to find a friend to play with her. She finds birds, mice, and even a goldfish, but none of them want to play. Will she ever find a friend? Throughout the story, special 'Fact Stops' offer interesting bits of information about kittens.

Sita the Cheetah - The early reader is inspired by the story of the cheetahs. Kids will love the beautiful pictures of a mother cheetah and her cubs, taken as the filmmakers follow their journey. With simple text and full-color images, this level two reader is perfect for newly independent readers.

Ocean Life - Learn all about ocean life in this book full of facts and photographs

Deadliest Animals - Explore 12 species that you hope you'll never come across, from sharks, snakes, jellyfish, bears, tigers and mosquitoes.

Cheetahs - Presents the life of cheetahs, including where they live, what they eat, and how they care for their young.

Ponies - It's a pony! -- What is a pony? -- A foal is born! -- Pony breeds -- Colors and markings -- Wild ponies -- Ponies in the past -- Ponies today -- Caring for a pony -- Riding -- What in the world?

Sea Turtles -Presents the life of sea turtles, including where they travel, how they build nests, and what they eat.     

A is for America - Rhyming couplets that flow through the alphabet help kids celebrate everything from the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence to Thomas Jefferson and Harriet Tubman.

 Saving Animals from Hurricanes - Look inside this book to meet the everyday heroes who found ways to save animals from Hurricane Katrina and the floods that followed. 

An Ocean of Animals -Color photos and simple text describe animals and their adaptations to the ocean

Look Alikes - In this Look-Alikes activity book, kids will love peeking and seeking to find all the hidden objects in Joan Steiner's signature photographic scenes. From around the house to diners and circus tents, there are countless details for readers to search for and discover.

The World of Sharks -Photographs and simple text for beginning readers introduce twelve species of sharks, including sharks that are fast or slow, sharks that hide in the sand, and sharks that glow.

Wolf Pup - Owwhoooooo! Wolf pups  howl! What else can they do? Run with the pack and find out!

 Baby Dolphin's First Day -Follows a baby dolphin through its first day of life in the big, blue sea

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