Friday, November 05, 2010

Awesome New Non-fiction for Beginner Readers!

Cool Sports Facts! -
Simple text and full-color photos illustrate facts about the rules, equipment need for each sport.

Fun Facts about Snakes! - Photographs and text present interesting facts about snakes.

Gorillas -Many animal species are in danger of becoming extinct. In this beautifully photographed series, learn about special animal species and why they are endangered. What human activities put them at risk? What can we do to save them? Explore some of the creative solutions environmentalists use to help preserve these remarkable creatures, and learn about the many small steps we can all take to protect their habitats.

Kitty Care - Let's care for kitty!

Sports and My body Soccer -Looks at how our bodies perform and react to this sport, the social and safety aspects of getting involved in soccer, and the role of healthy food and water for exercise and a healthy life.

Gymnastics- The Sports and My Body series introduces readers to common physical activities that children often explore. Each title looks at how activities affect the body, how children can safely participate in sports, and how a healthy lifestyle contributes to a healthy life.

Favorite Mother Goose Rhymes -Each easy-to-read book includes the traditional Mother Goose verse and simple illustrations featuring folks wearing old-fashioned costumes complete with bonnets and pinafores. The characters, whether animal or human, are expressive and full of personality. Plenty of white space is left on each page for the large-sized text. The result is a series of books with plenty of child appeal, perfect for reading with a group or sharing one-on-one.

What Can Live in a Desert? a Forest? A Grassland? a Lake? the Mountains? the Ocean?

Our Solar System - introduces beginning readers to key concepts in the early elementary science curriculum. Our Solar System is home to many different worlds.

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