Thursday, September 09, 2010

Bone Chillers Series!

Nineteen new Bone Chiller mysteries!

Beware if the Shopping Mall-Strange rumors about the Wonderland Mall, including the reported disappearance of a teen there, prompt Robin and her friends to investigate, but their trip to the mall could force them to shop until they drop.

Little Pet Shop of Horrors-Cassie is so delighted with the puppies that she does not notice that the spooky old pet shop has become crowded with strange new animals or that pet-shop owner Mr. Willard is planning a terrifying surprise for her.

Back to School- Hating the disgusting cafeteria food at Maple Grove Middle School, Fitzgerald Traflon III refuses to eat it, even when Miss Buggy takes over, and when his voracious classmates start fighting for seconds, he knows something weird is happening.

Frankenturkey - Kyle and Annie want to celebrate Thanksgiving like the pilgrims. They want to wear stovepipe hats, bake their own pies--even raise their own turkey. Then they meet Frankenturkey! Frankenturkey is big, bad, and mad. If Kyle and Annie don't watch out, Frankenturkey will eat them for Thanksgiving dinner.

Strange Brew - Tori's bored stiff. She's totally sick of school. Her little brother is a pain. Even her best friend is driving her crazy. Tori would do anything to have some fun. Then Tori finds a mysterious notebook. Each time she opens it, a new spell appears. And each time Tori tries a spell, things happen -- silly things, gross things, hilarious things. Now Tori's having fun ... until the goofy spells turn gruesome.

Teacher Creature - All the kids like the new teacher except Joey and Nate. They know that he's creepy, and that sixth-graders are his favorite snack.

Frankenturky II - There's a special new turkey in the pen behind Annie and Kyle's house. Whenever they're near him, all their wishes come true. But Kyle and Annie don't know that Frankenturkey has returned from the grave-and he's making wishes, too. Frankenturkey's meaner than ever. He wants revenge. And if his holiday wish comes true, Kyle will really be stuffed this Thanksgiving.

Welcome to Alien Inn - Matt loves being trapped by snow at a roadside inn and missing school, but then he discovers that the innkeeper and the other "guests" are aliens from another planet who are conducting an experiment with Matt's family.

Attack of the Killer Ants -The school picnic is crawling with ants. So Ryan and Alex step on them and drown them. They think they've seen the last of the ants--until something big and ugly and hairy follows them home.

Slime Time - Jeremy Wilson's mucus is taking over the town! It all starts when Jeremy lets out a messy sneeze in the school cafeteria.

Toilet Terror - There's a monster growing in Ellie and Han's toilet! It all starts when Ellie flushes her messed-up chemistry experiment. Then Hans gives his dead goldfish a burial at sea--in the same toilet. Now there's a creature living in the darkest depths of the bathroom. It slithers everywhere and it's just a matter of time before it finds Ellie and Hans.

Night of the Living Clay - Something's going on in Tasha's basement-- something noisy and smelly and creepy. When Tasha goes to check it out, there's nothing there, not even the clay statues that her brother Cory made.

The Thing Under the Bed - Betsy Haynes delivers the hair-raising chills and revolting humor that kids love in this phenomenally successful horror series.

A Terminal Case of the Uglies - A famous talent agent takes everyone's picture but Eric's. Eric feels terrible until everyone else gets sick. Now the talent agant wants to take Eric's picture.

Tiki Doll of Doom -An irresistibly ghoulish tale of suspense from bestselling author Betsy Haynes.

The Queen of the Gargoyles - Some people think gargoyles are creepy, but Isabella thinks they're cool. But when kids in her aunt's apartment building start to disappear, she wonders how cool the gargoyles really are.

Why I quit the Baby-Sitter's Club - Rosie has never actually seen the Pendred's baby. It's always asleep by the time she gets to their house to baby-sit. But one night it starts to snort, then grunt, then howl. When Rosie goes to check it out, she finds that the Pendreds have locked their baby in its room! But not for long, because the little beast is hungry for a nice, fresh baby-sitter. And what baby wants, baby gets!

The Night Squawker -Paul loves animals, but he's scared of the pet parrot his mom just brought home. It's dirty and ugly, and it never has anything nice to say about anyone. Then one night Paul hears the parrot calling his name. It tells him that his friend Mr. Zock with be in a horrible car accident and the next day the accident actually happens! Can Paul make this parrot fly the coop before it turns him into bird feed?

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