Saturday, June 19, 2010

Palazzo Inverso -A young apprentice to a master builder does some mischief that causes a palace to be built upside-down, which creates all sorts of trouble--and fun. Inspired by the work of M.C. Escher and intended to be read front-to-back, then turned over and read back-to-front.

The Buffalo are Back -In the mid-1800s seventy-five million buffalo roamed in North America. In little more than fifty years, there would be almost none." The death of the buffalo and the settlers' farming and ranching practices endangered the prairie, as drought made the farmland crumble to dust. To help repair the land, the buffalo had to be saved.

Pigs to the Rescue - All week long the pigs help out around the farm in unexpected ways.

Hey Rabbit! - Rabbit, with big blue eyes and a suitcase to match, meets his friends one by one, and they ask, "Hey, Rabbit! Is there anything for me in your suitcase?" As Rabbit opens the suitcase, a full two-page spread appears with what each friend was dreaming of.

Born to Be Giants - Through easy to read text, this book shows readers how baby dinosaurs grew up to be giants.

A Giraffe Goes to Paris -Recounts the 1827 journey of a young giraffe named Belle, a gift from the Pasha of Egypt to King Charles X of France, as she makes her way by boat and land to Paris, accompanied by her devoted caretaker, Atir.

Insect Detective-Young readers will definitely catch the bug when they see this enticing, fact-filled invitation to explore the world of insects. Includes hands-on activities.

Hot Rod Hamster -A hamster, with the help of a canine junkyard dealer and his mouse assistants, builts a hot rod and drives it in a race against some very large dogs.

Quiet Bunny - Quiet Rabbit enjoys listening to the night song of the other animals every evening and wishes he could join them, but no matter how hard he tries he is unable to copy their sounds.

U.S. Presidents -Information about each president's term in office, and the major political issues of each era. Quick-reference sidebars provide brief summaries of the major events and important people who emerged during each presidential term. Famous quotes and fun facts about each president ensure that this perennial favorite continues to be an entertaining and enlightening book.

How Do Bats See in the Dark? - Questions and answers present the habitats and behavior of a variety of nocturnal animals, from cats and kiwis to bats, owls, and foxes.

Who Was Albert Einstein? - Recounts the life of the scientist whose theories of relativity revolutionized the way we look at space and time.

Dark Day, Light Night - Manda's Aunt Ruby helps her to deal with some angry feelings by making lists of all the things that they like in the world.

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