Thursday, February 04, 2010

New Audio Books!

Jeff Corwin Your Backyard is Wild! - As the son of a biologist and an ecologist, nine-year-old Benjamin looks forward to seeing man-made wonders while visiting his cousin in New York City, but also hopes to observe and record some of the wildlife there.

Franny K. Stein The Fran that Time Forgot - When her embarrassing middle name is revealed at school, mad scientist Franny K. Stein experiments with time in order to return to the past and give herself a more dignified name.

Horrible Harry on the Ropes - A special Valentine's Day card helps third-grader Harry overcome his fear of climbing the rope in gym class.

Roscoe Riley Rules Never Swim in Applesauce -When first-grader Roscoe Riley goes on a school field trip to an apple orchard carrying his sister's fortune-telling ball, the outlook is cloudy.

Nancy Drew The Case of the Sneaky Snowman - Winter has come to River Heights, and the girls are busy making a snowman--affectionately named Sherlock. They are distracted, however, by one of their classmates. It seems Deirdre has changed her name to Madame Chocolata, and she's reading marshmallows to tell fortunes. Then Sherlock disappears, and an outbreak of pranks plagues the kids. Could Sherlock have come to life--or is someone less frosty behind everything?

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