Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wishworks Inc by Stephanie Tolan -When he is granted his wish for a dog from Wishworks, Inc., third-grader Max is disappointed to find that his new pet is nothing like the dog of his imagination.

Track Attack by Betty Hicks- Jazz is a born runner who loves being on the school's track team. Her biggest fan is her dad--and that is a problem. He gets over-involved in her training, talks too much to the coach, yells at the track ref, and cheers way too loudly during the meets. How can Jazz tell him to stay away from the track without hurting his feelings?

Extra Credit by Andrew Clements -As letters flow back and forth--between the prairies of Illinois and the mountains of Afghanistan, across cultural and religious divides--sixth-grader Abby, ten-year-old Amira, and eleven-year-old Sadeed begin to speak and listen to each other.

A Mystery for Summer by Heather Schultz- Dreams only last so long.. is what the mysterious envelope told Summer Phillips. What was this mysterious envelope and where did it come from? Little did she know, she was about to get a second chance to reunite with Peanut and continue their adventures. She and her best friend, Tiffany, would soon be exploring a new land ... one where anything is possible and the unbelievable actually happens.

Summer Dreams by Heather Schultz Summer Phillips had always dreamed of owning her own horse. Until this summer, that was exactly what it was, a dream. Little did she know, her dream was about to become a reality--a very short, but beautiful reality..."--

Eggs by Jerry Spinelli Mourning the loss of his mother, nine-year-old David forms an unlikely friendship with independent, quirky thirteen-year-old Primrose, as the two help each other deal with what is missing in their lives.

Brenda Berman, Wedding Expert by Jane Zalben
When Brenda's favorite uncle decides to marry, Brenda sees visions of a gold lamé flower-girl's outfit, until Uncle Harry and his bride-to-be show up with her niece. Includes cake, frosting, and punch recipes.

Schooled by Gordon Korman -
Capricorn Anderson had never watched a television show before. He'd never tasted a pizza. He had never even heard of a wedgie. And he had never, in his wildest dreams, thought of living anywhere but Garland Farm commune with his hippie caretaker, Rain. Capricorn (Cap for short) had lived every day of his life on Garland Farm growing fruits and vegetables. He was homeschooled by Rain, the only person he knew in the world. Life was simple for Cap. But when Rain falls out of a tree while picking plums and is hospital-ridden, he has to attend the local middle school and live with his new guidance counselor and her irritable daughter. While Cap knew a lot about Zen Buddhism, no amount formal education could ready him for the trials and tribulations of public middle school.

Canned by Alex Shearer Fergal Banfield, an eccentric lad who collects cans, is surprised to find some unexpected--and even alarming--things in a few of his treasures, and when he meets Charlotte, another collector, they begin an investigation that leads them into dangerous territory.

Deep Down Popular by Phoebe Stone In a small, Virginia town, sixth-grader Jessie Lou Ferguson has a crush on the hugely popular Conrad Parker Smith, and when he suddenly develops a medical problem and the teacher asks Jessie Lou to help him, they become friends, to her surprise

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