Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beginner Readers

Pearl and Wagner One Funny Day-April Fools' Day is not a happy one for Wagner the mouse because his best friend, Pearl the rabbit, and other children and adults at school keep tricking him.

Five Silly Fishermen- A retelling of the traditional tale in which five silly fishermen, unable to count properly, are convinced that one of their group has drowned.

Cork and Fuzz - Finders Keepers- Although Cork the muskrat is short and likes to find things and Fuzz the possum is tall and likes to keep things, the pair remain best friends even after Fuzz finds Cork's lost stone and decides to keep it.

Bolt- My Hero-Bolt the dog and Penny, his master, star in a television show as heroes, with Bolt always keeping the bad guys away from Penny, but Bolt does not understand that what happens on their show is only acting.

Dance with Me! - When Strawberry Shortcake and her friend Ginger both want to do the ballet solo in the dance show, they decide to do a duet instead so they do not have to compete against each other.

Buttercup the Clumsy Cow- An accident-prone cow is ostracized by the other farm animals until her clumsiness saves the day. Includes vocabulary words and discussion questions.

Just like Me-Roo becomes friends with a Heffalump named Lumpy and learns that they are very much alike after all.

Eloise Decorates for Christmas- Eloise, a mischievous six-year-old who lives in the Plaza Hotel, slips away from her nanny and helps decorate the halls for Christmas.

Jonathan James "Let's Be Friends"- Jonathan the rabbit discovers that he can be friends with many kinds of people, from a boy in a wheelchair to a missionary who tells people about Jesus.

Surprise Party -A surprise party is given for Kate by the other animals.

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