Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ten new Mary Kate and Ashley mystery adventures

The Case Of The Ballet Bandit by Laura O'Neil
Mary Kate and Ashley find a mystery when they vist backstage at the New York City Ballet. The star ballerina's diamond tiara was stolen. The Trenchcoat Twins are always on their toes!

The Case Of The Flapper 'Napper by Judy Katschke
While attending a cool costume party, the twins get involved in the mystery of the disappearing cat.

The Case Of The Blue-Ribbon Horse by I.K. Swobud
The mystery-loving twins find adventure at Mary-Kate's horseback riding schoool. Someone is playing mean tricks--they tried to steal Mary-Kate's horse! Who knew what they would try next?

The Case Of The Surprise Call by Melinda Metz
Singing dragons..giant bunnies..mysterious phone calls. What did all these things have in common? They're clues in the weirdest case the Trenchcoat Twins ever had.

The Case Of The Haunted Camp by Nina Alexander
The girls were going to have so much fun at summer camp until they heard that the camp was haunted. Was their really a ghost at their camp? That's what they had to find out.

The Case Of The Summer Camp Caper by Judy Katschke
This time, they couldn't wait to spend the summer at Camp Wishing Well--that is until they got there. Packages from home and snacks started disappearing--and showing up in Mary-Kates drawers, under her bed, and stuffed in her sneakers. She looked like a thief!

The Case Of The Missing Mummy by Francess Lantz
A mummy is missing and strange things start happening to everyone in the twin's class. Could they be cursed? They had to find the missing mummy fast.

The Case Of The Great Elephant Escape by June Doolittle
Where in the world could someone hide an elephant? Mary-Kate and Ashley search for the missing baby circus elephant. It shouldn't be too hard to find, right? Wrong!

The Case Of The Wild Wolf River by Judy Katschke
The twins get a call all the way from Montana. Jason White Eagle needed their help because someone kept robbing the ranch where he lives--each theft on the night of a full moon.

The Case Of The Disappearing Princess by Lisa Eisenberg
Mary-Kate and Ashley are in Hollywood! Even while just watching a movie, the Trenchcoat Twins become involved in a mystery!

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