Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Junior Fiction

Being Bee by Catherine Bateson
Bee faces friction at home and at school when her widowed father begins seriously dating Jazzi, who seems to take over the house and their lives, but as shared secrets and common interests finally begin to draw them together, Jazzi accidentally makes a terrible mistake.

A Masterpiece For Bess by Lara Bergen
Flattered at first that all the other fairies and sparrow men want her to paint their portraits, Bess soon begins to feel overwhelmed and tries to find a way to return to the kind of painting she really wants to do.

Soupy Saturdays With The Pain & The Great One by Judy Blume
Revisits the sometimes challenging relationship between a six-year-old (The Pain) and his eight-year-old sister (The Great One).

Elijah Of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis
In 1860, eleven-year-old Elijah Freeman, the first free-born child in Buxton, Canada, which is a haven for slaves fleeing the American south, uses his wits and skills to try to bring to justice the lying preacher who has stolen money that was to be used to buy a family's freedom.

Bindi Babes by Narinder Dhami
Meet Amber, Jazz, and Geena Dhillon--also known as the Bindi Babes. What these sisters don't need is an interferring auntie from Indian inviting herself into their household to cramp their style. Unfortunately, that's exactly what their dad allows to happen.

Phantom Stallion by Terri Farley
Sam and the mysterious, powerful mustang known as the Phantom have become friends, and she's determined to defend his freedom on the open range. It's not his freedom Sam's fighting for--it's his life.

The Entertainer And The Dybbuk by Sid Fleischman
A struggling American ventriloquist in post-World War II Europe is possed by the mischievous spirit of a young Jewish boy killed in the Holocaust. Author's note details the murder of over one million children by the Nazis during the 1930s and 1940s.

The WarpTrio: You Can't But Genghis Khan adapted by Jinnifer Frantz
Join Joe, Fred, and Sam as they travel back in time to meet a young Genghis Khan and explore the Mongolian Empire.

Salem Witch: My Side Of The Story by Patricia Hermes
Is there one "true" version of history? With this exciting series, you can read about two very different young people who are living through a dramatic moment in history. Their paths cross, but they don't see eye to eye...This unique "flippable" book lets you read both sides of the story.

Martin Bridge Out Of Orbit! by Jessica Scott Kerrin
When Martin accidentally rockets out of his tree fort on a pogo stick while pretending to be Zip Rideout, Space Cadet, the difference between cartoons and real life becomes painfully clear! Join Martin in his continuing adventures as he bounces out of orbit.

Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo: Be Nice To Mice by Nancy Krulik
Katie accidentally wished on a shooting star to be anyone but herself. Katie soon learns that wishes really do come true--and in the strangest ways.

Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo: Camp Rules! by Nancy Krulik
Katie's so excited about her two-week stay at sleepaway camp! The activities, the s'mores, the friends...and the wild animals?! Summer heats up when the magic wind decides to blow by--twice.

Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo: It's Snow Joke! by NancyKrulik
It's winter break, and Katie's actress friend has invited her to a movie shoot at a ski lodge! Unfortunately, the magic wind doesn't take a winter break.

Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo: My Pops Is Tops! by Nancy Krulik
The Parent-Kid Olympics at school are going to be so much fun, but Katie's parents can't come, so she's going to team up with her grandfather instead.

A Wind In The Door by Madeleine L'Engle
Meg Murry worries when her six-year old brother announces that there are dragons in the vegetable garden. But Charles is right about the dragons--actually a friendly entity who has come to help him and to take Meg and her friend on a terrifying, wonderful journey into galactic space.

Judy Moody by Megan McDonald
Judy gets a chance to really express herself when her third-grade teacher, Mr. Todd, assigns a very special class project.

Soccer Hero by Stephanie Peters
Rob Lasher, an ordinary soccer player, saves his coach's life in front of all his teammates and becomes the team's hero.

Edgar Allan Poe edited by Andrew Delbanco
Five stories by the nineteenth-century american writer best known for his tales of horror.

Night of the Howling Dogs by Graham Salisbury
In 1975, eleven Boy Scouts, their leaders, and some new friends camping at Halape, Hawaii, find their survival skills put to the test when a massive earthquake strikes, followed by a tsunami.

Maybelle In TheSoup by Katie Speck
When Mr. and Mrs. Peabody invite guests to dinner, Maybelle, the cockroach who lives under their refrigewrator, ignores the warnings of Henry the flea to be sensible and ends up "splashing" into a big adventure.

Abracadabra! Magic With Mouse and Mole by Wong Herbert Yee
Mole is mad about magic until he takes his friend Mouse to a show that turns out to be all tricks, but then Mouse conjures up a special night program to show him the enchantment found in nature.

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