Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Youth Non-Fiction

I Wanna Re-D0 My Room by Clea Hantman
Feeling crafty? Feeling like your room looks a bit blah, a bit humdrum, and maybe a bit like it has since you were four? Have no fear--Clea's here to inspire you towhip you room into the here and now.

In The Days Of Sand And Stars by Marlee Pinsker
Here are stories of legendary women from the Bible, whose names you may know, but whose personalities and thoughts have been ignored. From Eve to Naamah, Sarah to Rebecca, they are imbued with humor and spirit as they face a new and challenging world.

A History Of Basketball For Girls And Women by Joanne Lannin
Girls and women have played basketball since 1891. This thorough and lively history traces basketball's development from the sedate movements of early twentieth-century maidens to the dramatic and flamboyant power of Olympic and professional athletes.

How To Survive In Antarctica by Lucy Jane Bledsoe
If you are curious about how to stay warm in -100o F weather or what to do if you should find yourself in danger of falling through an ice crevasse, this guide is for you. Part memoir, part survival tips, part fun facts, it lets readers vicariously experience adventures on the continent.

What You Never Knew About Beds, Beedrooms, And Pajamas by Patricia Lauber
Go under the covers to explore beds, bedrooms, and pajamas since the Stone Age. Learn how the world's been sleeping since the dawn of time.

Today At The Blue-Bird Cafe' by Deborah Ruddell
A world of birds unfolds in twenty-two vivid poems that capture the unique personalities of birds from backyard blue jays to toucans and cockatoos. There is something for everyone who flies through the pages of this brilliantly bird-brained book.

Stealing Home by Robert Burleigh
It is September 1955, game one of the World Series, the Yankees versus the Dodgers, and Jackie Robinson is about to steal home. In a World Series game. To race a baseball thrown from the pitcher's mound and win! Is it possible? Yes, it is--if you are Jackie Robinson!

Traveling Tom And The Leprechaun by Teresa Bateman
A wandersing minstrel outwits a leprechaun to win the heart of a princess, who will only marry a man of daring, intelligence, and humor.

Pass It Down by Leonard S. Marcus
Five famous picture-book families open their family archives, sharing memories, scrapbooks, book dummies, model shots, and final art--revealing how their books came into being, how artists are grown and nurtured, and how our roots influence who and what we become.

The Three Witches adapted by Joyce Carol Thomas
Three hungry witches set out to eat two orphaned children while their grandmother is away at the market.

E.E. Cummings by Catherine Reef
In this captivating biography, Catherine Reef provides an intimate portrait of this renowned American poet and gives readers a foundation from which to learn more about his work.

The Escape of Oney Judge byEmily Arnold McCully
Young Oney Judge risks everything to escape a life of slavery in the household of George and Martha Washington and to make her own way as a free black woman.

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