Thursday, August 02, 2007

New chapter books ready for check-out

We now the The Mistmantle Chronicles by M. I. McAllister
book 1 Urchin of the Riding Stars
book 2 Urchin and the Heartstone

Grandfather's Dance by Patricia MacLachlan
In the series about Sarah, plain and tall, her daughter Anna gets married and Cassie, the younger sister, feels loved esp. by grandfather.

Jackson Jones and the Curse of the Outlaw Rose by Mary Quattlebaum
Jackson and Reuben take a rose from a graveyard. They believe it is cursed and want to return it.

Larklight by Philip Reeve
Arthur and Myrtle uncover a spidery plot to destroy the solar system.

Bella at Midnight by Diane Stanley
Raised by pheasants, Bella discovers that she is actually the daughter of a knight and finds herself caught up in a terrible plot that will change her life and the kingdom forever.

The Theft & the Miracle by Rebecca Wade
Hannah makes the perfect drawing of an antique carving of theVirgin and Child, but soon after the statue is missing. She is determined to find the statue. Can you figure out who took it?

Home, and Other Big, Fat Lies by Jill Wolfson
Eleven-year-old Termite is a foster child. She is headed for home #12. While there she tries to save the biggest tree in the forest.

The Night of the Burning by Linda Press Wulf
Still sad and frightened after living in Poland through World War I and the Russian Revolution, 12-year-old Devorah and her younger sister travel to South Africa and make a new start.

Have you read the series The Phantom Stallion? Then you won't want to miss the new book about Wild Horse Island by Terri Farley.

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