Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Never-Ending New Non-Fiction!

We have ordered numerous non-fiction titles for our juvenile collection and they are arriving in droves! Check some of these out today!

Juvenile Non-Fiction:

Kaiser, Cecily. If You're Angry and You Know It! Scholastic, 2004. J 152.47 Kai
Illustrated by Cary Pillo.
A Beginning Reader book that helps children deal with anger to a familiar tune!

Sievert, Terri. Hanukkah: Jewish Festival of Lights. Capstone Press, 2006. J 296.435 Sie
A great introduction to this special holiday!

Sievert, Terri. Ramadan: Islamic Holy Month. Capstone Press, 2006. J 297 Sie
Learn more about Ramadan with this "First Facts" title.

Green, Jen. Why Should I Protect Nature? Barron's, 2002. J 333.72 Gre
With illustrations by Mike Gordon, this title explains the importance of not littering and other negative habits, in a child-friendly manner.

Green, Jen. Why Should I Save Energy? Barron's, 2001. J 333.791 Gre
Illustrations by Mike Gordon.
This book explains a variety of ways to save energy and the benfits of so doing.

Green, Jen. Why Should I Save Water? Barron's, 2001. J 333.9 Gre
Illustrations by Mike Gordon.
Kids can learn proper water use by reading this helpful title!

Braulick, Carrie A. U.S. Air Force Bombers. Capstone Press, 2006. J 358.42 Bra
Learn all about Air Force Bombers and their weapons and equipment!

Braulick, Carrie A. U.S. Air Force Fighters. Capstone Press, 2006. J 358.43 Bra
Learn about other types of Air Force planes in this book!

Braulick, Carrie A. U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers. Capstone Press, 2006. J 359.3255 Bra
Did you know that Aircraft Carriers can hold up to 85 planes?! Find out more in this informative title!

Turnbull, Stephanie. Trash and Recycling. Usborne Publishing Ltd., 2005. J 363.728 Tur
Where does trash come from and where does it go? Learn about stinky waste and how to take care of your trash!

Green, Jen. Why Should I Recycle? Barron's, 2002. J 363.7282 Gre
Learn not to waste waste in this book!

Doering, Amanda. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Honoring a Civil Rights Hero. Capstone Press, 2006.
J 394.261 Doe
A great book for young readers to learn about celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and legacy.

Doering, Amanda. Day of the Dead: A Celebration of Life and Death. Capstone Press, 2006.
J 394.264 Doe
A nice introduction to this Mexican and Mexican-American holiday.

Doering, Amanda. Kwanzaa: African American Celebration of Culture. Capstone Press, 2006.
J 394.268 Doe
Learn about the seven principles of Kwanzaa and how to make a Mkeka!

Frisch, Aaron. Easter. Creative Education, 2006. J 394.268 Fri
Appropriate introduction to this sacred holiday for beginning readers!

Sievert, Terri. Chinese New Year: Festival of New Beginnings. Capstone Press, 2006.
J 394.268 Sie
Avoid bad luck and learn to make a paper dragon in this title filled with colorful photographs!

Sievert, Terri. Valentine's Day: A Day of Friendship and Love. Capstone Press, 2006.
J 394.268 Sie
Find out about the varied origins of Valentine's Day!

Gish, Melissa. Energy. Creative Education, 2006. J 531.6 Gis
All kinds of energy and an experiment!

Gish, Melissa. Sound. Creative Education, 2006. J 534 Gis
Learn about the decibles and vibrations of sound!

Gish, Melissa. Light. Creative Education, 2006. J 535 Gis
Did you know that light travels in light waves?

Gish, Melissa. Temperature. Creative Education, 2006. J 536 Gis
A terrific title for a Beginning Reader's first look at temperature!

Allman, Toney. From Spider Webs to Man-Made Silk. Kidhaven Press, 2005.
J 595.44 All
How strong is the silk of an orb weaver spider? Stronger than steel!

Allman, Toney. From Barbs on a Weed to Velcro. Kidhaven Press, 2005.
J 600 All
Are burs and velcro stuck on each other?!

Hewitt, Sally. Keeping Healthy. QEB Publishing Inc., 2005. J 613 Hew
Learn how to eat well, keep moving, fight germs, enjoy fresh air, stay clean and other ways to keep yourself healthy!

Schuh, Mari C. Drinking Water. Capstone Press, 2006. J 613.2 Sch
An introduction to young readers (and listeners) about the importance of keeping hydrated!

Gaff, Jackie. Why Must I Exercise? Cherrytree Books, 2005. J 613.7 Gaf
You can exercise as part of a team or by yourself!

Schuh, Mari C. Being Active. Capstone Press, 2006. J 613.7 Sch
There are lots of ways to be active! Find out in this title!

Braulick, Carrie. U.S. Army Helicopters. Capstone Press, 2006. J 623.746 Bra
Find out about the variety of helicopters used by the U.S. Army and all the jobs that they accomplish.

Braulick, Carrie. U.S. Army Tanks. Capstone Press, 2006. J 623.7475 Bra
Learn how a tank operates in this exciting book!

Allman, Toney. From Penguin Wings to Boat Flippers. Kidhaven Press, 2006.
J 623.8 All
How do boats mimic penguins? Find out in this title, filled with fascinating photographs and facts!

Adamson, Thomas. U.S. Navy Submarines. Capstone Press, 2006. J 623.8257
See how submarines are designed and function!

Allman, Toney. From Bug Legs to Walking Robots. Kidhaven Press, 2006.
J 629.8 All
Find out how robot designs are inspired by our buggy friends!

Bentley, Joyce. Eggs. Chrysalis Education, 2006. J 636 Ben
Travel on the journey of the egg from hen to your breakfast table in this title!

Schuh, Mari C. The Meat and Beans Group. Capstone Press, 2006. J 641.282 Sch
Check out how much meat you should eat!

Bentley, Joyce. Beans. Chrysalis Education, 2006. J 641.3 Ben
Beans are more than just a musical fruit!

Schuh, Mari C. The Grain Group. Capstone Press, 2006. J 641.3 Sch
A terrific introduction to grains for young readers!

Schuh, Mari C. The Milk Group. Capstone Press, 2006. J 641.3 Sch
Who knew that pudding could be counted as one of your daily servings of dairy?!

Schuh, Mari C. The Vegetable Group. Capstone Press, 2006. J 641.3 Sch
There are so many veggies to choose! Which one is your favorite? I like sweet corn the best!

Schuh, Mari C. The Fruit Group. Capstone Press, 2006. J 641.34 Sch
Summer is a great time to try a different kind of fruit! Find out how many servings of fruit to eat in this book!

Bentley, Joyce. Potatoes. Chrysalis Education, 2006. J 641.3521 Ben
Learn all kinds of potato facts in this title!

We will continue the list of "never-ending new non-fiction" in an upcoming blog! In the meantime check out one of these informative titles today!

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