Saturday, March 11, 2006

New Juvenile Books!

These titles just in...look for them on the "New Books" shelf!

A series called "My Future Career" including:
Working With Animals
Working With Children
Working in Engineering
Working in the Fashion Industry
Working In Film and Television
Working in Health Care
Working In Travel and Tourism
all by Margaret McAlpine.

A series on "Natural Disasters" including:
Earthquake in Loma Prieta, California, 1989 by Susan and William Harkins
The Fury of Hurricane Andrew, 1992 by Karen Bush Gibson
Mt. Vesuvius and the Destruction of Pompeii, a.d. 79 by Russell Roberts
Mudslide in La Conchita, California, 2005 by Karen Bush Gibson
Where Did All the Dinosaurs Go? by Russell Roberts

A series on "Religions of the World" including:
Buddhism by Anita Ganeri
Christianity by David Self
Hinduism by Rasamandala Das
Islam by David Self
Judaism by Michael Keene

More titles in the series about "Great Strucures in History" including:
The Great Wall of China by Rachel Lynette
The Pyramids of Giza by Teresa Hyman
The World Trade Center by Debbie Levy

From the series "People Who Changed American History":
100 African Americans Who Changed American History by Chrisanne Beckner
100 Hispanic Americans Who Changed American History by Rick Laezman
100 Native Americans Who Changed American History by Bonnie Juettner

Another title from the "A Primary Source History of the United States":
America in Today's World 1969-2004 by George E. Stanley

And another title in the "Food Chains" series:
Coral Reef Food Chains by Kelley MacAulay and Bobbie Kalman

Come and check out these new titles today!

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